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We Design eTabib® to be a central hub for your Healthcare

We bring qualified doctors closer to all citizens, whether they reside in cities, rural areas, or medical deserts. Our platform provides you with all the resources, not only for scheduling appointments but also for organizing comprehensive medical care

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    eTabib® Platform Benefits

    دليل طبيب ANNUAIRE MEDECIN

    Search our medical directory for the best doctors and most qualified clinics.

    “Over 40,000 doctors and health specialists nationwide.”


    Monitor the health of your loved ones.

    Track your health pathway on the platform, and allow professionals to better understand your health as well as that of your parents or children.

    Meet with the doctor in the clinic or remotely.

    Benefit from remote conversation and sharing technology, request opinions and expertise without requiring the patient to travel.

    طبيب عن بعد

    Access your medical record from anywhere and share it with your doctor.

    Safely store your medical records and save on healthcare expenses by avoiding duplication of tests and X-rays.

    Schedule an appointment for an in-clinic, at-home, or online consultation.

    Save your time and energy, by using the appointment service.

    Integrate the doctors of your choice into your care team.

    Reduce medical errors by adopting an integrated team of doctors and professionals who collaboratively assess your health and make the best decisions for your well-being.

    About Us

    “The eTabib platform was created by Ibn Hamza Research and Development, an Algerian startup founded in 2016 under the leadership of Dr. Mostefa Nabil. The company’s name was chosen in honor of the eminent Algerian scholar , Ibn Hamza Al-Maghribi.

    Our company specializes in designing and developing tailor-made technological solutions for the healthcare sector. Our mission is to enhance the quality of healthcare and medical practices through innovation and web technologies.

    Ibn Hamza is recognized for its market leadership, being the first to introduce numerous electronic health technologies in Algeria. It has received a continental award as the best start-up that has positively impacted its country through information and communication technologies.

    Ibn Hamza is the first start-up in the health technology sector to be licensed by the state in Algeria. Leveraging its experience and innovations, after several years of research, development, and a two-year testing phase, Ibn Hamza has developed a unique innovative ecosystem centered around the citizen’s medical record. Its goal is to improve the quality and safety of care, as well as the working conditions of healthcare professionals.”

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